50g Candy Bags


Customers love these little cuties for trying out new flavors to decide what one they love most!

Small Lollipop Arrangement

Small Lollipop Arrangement


This arrangement includes three "Tall-i-Pops" and five "Free Pour" lollipops. 

Free Pour Lollipops

Free Pour Lollipops


Each lollipop is unique. I pour each by hand without using a mold. 



Large lollipops hand poured into molds. The candy is two inches across and they are on 8 inch sticks. 

Available in: Juicy Peach, Orange Creamsicle, Root beer, Bubblegum, Key Lime, Butter Rum.

Sponge Toffee

Sponge Toffee


Also known as honeycomb toffee, it is a sugary toffee with a light, rigid, sponge-like texture.

Bubblegum Swirl

Swirl Lollipops


Adorable swirl lollipops add a splash of sweetness and color to any event!


300g Candy Bags

Once your favorite flavor has been decided, these are the size for you! I also offer mixed flavor bags in this size.



Small lollipops hand poured into molds. They are thicker than free pour but more "Kid mouth" size.

Mini Mason Jars

Mini Masons


90g-100g candy jars. These little guys are easy to customize and are super cute as wedding favors.